Friday, March 24, 2006

Bad Arguments from the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Even within the creationist community, there has been a divide among creationists as to the appropriateness of the 2nd law in arguing against evolution. I think it is fair to say, not every creationist feels comfortable using 2nd law arguments.

Walter Bradley:

"Strictly speaking, the earth is an open system, and thus the Second Law of Thermodynamics cannot be used to preclude a naturalistic origin of life."

However Walter Bradely, Charles Thaxton, and Roger Olsen wrote one of the most devastating critiques of naturlistic origin of life in 1984 that I've ever seen, and their book is considered the beginning of the modern intelligent design movement. Some of the chapters are available online:

Not all of our IDEA members (even the creationists in the group) are comfortable with the 2nd law being used for the case of design.


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