Friday, March 24, 2006

Pro-ID Peer Reviewed Paper on Origin of Life

It is therefore very natural that many scientists believe that life is rather a subsystem of some Mind greater than humans ...

At the encouragement of Stephen Meyer of the Discovery Institute and Dave Abel of the The Gene Emergence Project and The Origin-of-Life Foundation, Albert Voie submitted this work to a peer-reviewed journal.

Albert Voie has a PhD in Biology and a background in Artificial Intelligence.

(English is not his native language, and I would presume it is not the native language of the reviewers. I hope that will be taken into consideration.) Here is a link to the paper:

Biological function and the genetic code are interdependent

The Electronic Version of the Journal, Chaos, Solitons, and Fractals which includes this article is here:

Volume 28, Issue 4, Pages 845-1112 (May 2006)

The paper passed review, and was accepted August, 2005.

To give a little background, Dave Abel was a reviewer of Hubert Yockey's recent book on information theory and the origin of life. Abel's recent peer-reviewed paper on the origin of life entitled Chance and Necessity Do Not Explain the Origin of Life mentions the problems posed by Turing machines (computers) which appear in all biological systems.

Voie explores these ideas further and outlines important considerations. Computers of necessity must transcend the chemical and physical properties of the materials which make them. Voie illustrates why the origin of biological computers (or any other computer for that matter) can not be attributable to chemical and physical laws alone.

Congratulations to Albert Voie, and may more such papers be published.


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